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You can't treat royalty like people with normal perverted desires.

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This is a video I found on youtube where someone had custom ground the nib for a fountain pen to make it sharper (extra fine) and more flexible. 

What caught my attention was the sound of the nib scratching on the surface of what looks to be Bristol Boar. You can hear every stroke. The audio is amazing.

It’s almost…Pen Porn?


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I’ve seen two Mark Gatiss tweets so far that are not on his Twitter feed.  So are they fake, or did he tweet and then delete because it’s April Fools?

If you see a Mark Gatiss tweet on tumblr but can’t find it on his timeline it’s safe to assume that it’s fake - as far as I’m aware he rarely deletes tweets. Other indicators: American English, bad spelling, the date being 1 April.

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